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Buffalo Landscaping & Snow Removal provides professional landscaping services to Longmont and the surrounding communities. We are a family owned and operated business with over 15  years of experience in both residential and commercial landscaping services. Our goal is to provide professional service and quality at a reasonable rate.

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Landscape Site Design

The Landscape site design or site plan is the starting point to creating a beautiful yard. The site plan will help you layout the overall landscaping structures you want in your yard design.

It all starts by determining what you would like the space surrounding your home to look like, and how it will all fit together. Once you have an idea of the theme and the function, sketch it out on a piece large piece of paper using a pencial so you can erase and modify the design. The design can be as simple (like picture at right) or as complex as the project requires.  Your design must also conform to local laws as applicable, as well as home owner association guidelines. Some landscaping projects may require a permit, especially if construction of fences or decks are involved. Click here for City of Longmont information.

There are numerours resources on the internet to help you with your design. Just search on "Landscape Site Design". You can also hire a Longmont area landscape architect to help with this process.  Even though Buffalo Landscaping isn't a Landscape architect company, we can assist you in finding the resources you need.

Landscape Design in Longmont

Landscape Site Preparation

Site Preparation can include land grading and contouring, soil preparation, water drainage or other tasks that are required to get the landscape area prepared for the landscape installation process.

Site Preparation may require that additional soil be brought in to accomodate ground contouring such as mounds, or even quality soil for planting of lawns and shrubery. Site preparation may also involve removal of soil for swimming pool projects or yard ponds.

Depending on the size and scale of the project, special equpment may be required to accomplish this task, and should be planned for in the design process.  Buffalo Landscaping and Snow Removal has the equipment and resources to help you.

Site preparation may require a permit. Click here for City of Longmont information.

Landscape Site Preparation in Longmont

Plant Installation

Whether your planting trees, flowers or shrubs, you should first consider if the location the location of where your plants are being placed is adequate.

For trees, you should plan for growth to make sure there is enough clearance from the house, sheds, adjacent property lines, and power lines.

Flowers and shrubs need adequate sun or shade depending on the species. Read the tags on the plants prior to purchase, and ask your local experts such as the Flower Bin on Nelson Rd. in Longmont for their input. Soil preparation should be considered as well. New plants require a little extra soil preparation, so the roots can get a good start. Plants can be quite expensive, and a little extra effort in this area can make a big difference in the survival rate of your plants.

Buffalo Landscaping is here to help with all your planting needs.

Plant Installation in Longmont

Rock Gardens & Boulders

Rock gardens and Boulders can be a great addition to a Longmont landscaping project. Using rocks and boulders reflects the natural Colorado landscape and also offers the opportunity to put a personal touch to your project. 

Rocks are not only great for retaining wall structure and stability, but can also add a lot of beauty as well.

Buffalo Landscaping has the equipment to not only install rock gardens and retaining walls,  but to install larger boulders as well.

Colorado Materials on Sunset St. in Longmont has a great selection of rock, and boulders in a variety of colors.

Rock Gardens & Boulders in Longmont

Flower Gardens & Mulch

Mulch is a fantastic garden ground cover or soil additive composed of organic material. Gardens may be mulched with wood shavings or chips as a covering, or peat moss and other nutrient-rich organic material for treating poor soil. A top quality mulch is ideal for nourishing plants by adding organic material, especially in the clay soil that is native to Longmont and the surrounding area. Top layer mulch also helps to retain moisture into the flower garden for a healthy root system.

Buffalo Landscaping has years of experience, and can help you with not only choosing the right mulch for your garden, but with transporting materials, cultivating and planting as well.

Flower Gardens & Mulch in Longmont

Weed Barriers

When attempting to stop weeds from growing in a garden, the subject of plastic and weed barrier fabric come to mind. If you have a new garden which is mostly made up of shrubs, ornamental grasses, and robust perennials, then landscape fabric can be a good choice for about ten years. This is also assuming that you've surrounded the plants with quality soil. By the end of ten years, your shrubs and plants will be big enough to block the sun, and effectively reduce weeds. At this stage you can take out the fabric or heavy plastic and just add a new thick cover of mulch to keep the weeds at bay.

As an alternative, you can also use thick layers of newspaper as a "green soution". Also, if you have the time and desire, you can pull the weeds when they’re tiny for the first year, then after that point a good thick layer of wood chip mulch is going to be every bit as effective as landscape fabric.

Regardless of which direction you choose, Buffalo Landscaping in Longmont can help you figure out the right solution and install it for you.

Weed Barriers in Longmont

Drip Systems

With drip systems, water is slowly sent to plants individually, conserving water and minimizing evaporation. The system is designed for specific areas or zones in the garden. The slow application of water allows the water to penetrate to the roots of plants, and minimize runoff. The depth of water penetration into the soil depends on how long each zone is in operation, and the composition of the soil.

Drip systems are very effective in the dry high-desert area of Longmont.

Drip systems can be setup on top of the existing landscape, or installed below ground level.  Buffalo Landscaping is here to help you figure out the best drip system for your paricular situation, and get it installed properly.

Drip Systems in Longmont

Spinkler Systems

Sprinkler sysetms are the most effective and efficient method to water areas of your lawn. A very large area can be watered using minimal number of sprinkler heads. The most effective application is where the water spray from the ground is not blocked by plant, trees or other objects.

There is a wide variety of sprinkler options. Sprinklers heads can come in many styles and designs. Some of the most common are risers or pop ups ranging from 2" to 12". They can shoot water up to a 15’ radius, and they can be pattern controlled.  Residential and light commercial  impact type sprinklers can shoot a radius of between 16’ to 40’. Commercial impact sprinklers can shoot a radius of between 40’ to 70’.

Buffalo Landscaping can not noly help you choose the right sprinkler design, but can do compete layout and installation and maintenance as needed.

Sprinkler Sytem Installation in Longmont

Sprinkler Blowout

The most effective method of preventing broken sprinkler pipes and lines over the winter, as well as preventing flooded basements in the spring is to use the sprinkler system "blow out" procedure. This method uses an air compressor to force air down the pipes and push the water out of the sprinkler heads. This should be performed prior to the first freeze, typically in early October.

This procedure must be done correctly, and with the proper air pressure, or damage to your sprinkler system may result, or worse.

Buffalo Landscaping has been performing this service for several years in the Longmont area.

Sprinkler Blowout in Longmont


Xeriscaping is a landscape design that is water-efficient and appropriate to the environment. Xeriscaping is very familiar to residents of Arizona and other arid climates. Longmont and Colorado in general is actually part of the Great American Desert, and lends itself to natural xeriscaping. The idea is to create an attractive landscape using mostly native plants that consume little water. A properly installed and mature xeriscape uses less than one-third the water of a lawn or turf landscape. Another advantage of a xeriscape is that it requires less maintenance.

Buffalo Landscaping has a lot experience with installing and maintaining xeriscapes in the Longmont area.

For more informaiton xeriscaping, check out this interesting Colorado Gardening Xerisapes webpage.

Zerosapes in Longmont

Patios and Terraces

Patios and terraces can serve a lot of different needs. Use your imagination  in your patio or terrace design. This is your personal area of the yard, and should not only be attractive and functional, but it should also reflect your personality.  There are limitless options. Give thought to the activities and parties that you want to do on your patio. View the patio or terrace as a place to reflect your personality and interests. From BBQ parties to personal serenity and everything in between. Also consider the number of guests  you may be having, so that your patio will be accomodating. As for various themes and designs. Use the internet to get an unlimited number of ideas. Get those juices flowing!

Buffalo Landscaping will help you every step of the way in installing the perfect patio for you and your family.

Patios and Terraces in Longmont


Landscaping a walkway up to your houase can be an attractive and inviting approach to your home. One of the first things you should decide is how the walkway will look, and how it well mesh with the surrounding landscape. You can use a variety of pavers in different colors, or slab stone such as flagstone, which is highly availble in the Longmont area. Consider using small shrubery and lawn along your walkway to color contrast and accent the path. You can choose from a variety of green plants, shrubs, flowers, lighting, or a combination to create a beautiful walkway landscape.

Buffalo Landscaping has the skills and experience to help you with your walkway design and installation.

Walkways in Longmont

Tree & Bush Services

Trees and bushes are fairly low maintenance plants, but in particular, bushes should be trimmed annually. Trees are typpically lower maintenance, but dead limbs should be removed every spring and fall to maintain the overall health of the tree.

Call Buffalo Landscaping for all your tree and bush maintenance service needs.

Tree and Bush Services in Longmont

Yard Cleanup & Maintenance

Yard cleanup in both spring and fall can be a dirty job, and Buffalo Landscaping is here to help. We'll rake up and remove all those leaves and dibris that accumulate over the summer or winter months. We also do yard maintenance such as mowing, trimming, or any other landscape maintenance service you need. Call Buffalo for a free estimate!

Yard Cleanup and Maintenance in Longmont

Fence  Installation & Repair

Does your fence resemble the picture at the right? If so, the fence posts are likely rotten and the fence will soon fall over. However, all is not lost. Cedar fences like this one are all over the Longmont area, and they can be refurbished once the posts are replaced.

Repairing the fence vs replacement can save you a lot of money. Cedar is extremely weather resistant, and if you coat the fence with linseed oil or similar product, you can beautify your old fence and make it look much better for years to come.

Regardless, if you need a fence repaired, refurbished, or you'd like the old one removed and a new one installed, call Buffalo Landscaping in Longmont. We have all the skill and tools to get the job done right.

We do all types of fencing from picket to chain link. Call us today for a free estimate.

Fence Installation & Repair in Longmont

Lawns & Ground Preparation

The condition and type of the soil under the grass is the most important element to the overall health of your lawn. In situations where you are putting in a new lawn you will have ample opportunity to prepare the soil before the grass is planted. It is a good idea to have the soil tested before establishing your new lawn. The soil test report gives the type and amount of fertilizer to apply for your lawn. This fertilizer (and lime, if required) should be worked into the top four to six inches of your soil. Once your lawn is established it is hard to do much to improve the soil at the root level. Proper preparation of the soil is the first step in attaining a healthy lawn. The soil should be tilled thoroughly, either by a mechanical tiller or digging down a spades depth over the entire area. If you've added topsoil to your yard, you will want to be certain that it is well mixed in with the soil underneath. Otherwise it is possible that the roots of your lawn may not penetrate the native soil.

Buffalo Landscaping can do all the necessary ground preparation for your new lawn, or can remove and install a new lawn that you will be proud of.

Lawns & Ground Preparation in Longmont

Lawn Power Raking and Aeration

Heavily thatched lawns combined with depleted and compacted soil can make your lawn look less than desirable. You can fertilize and water regularly, and the lawn remains spotty-brown and unhealthy looking.
Power raking combined with aeration allows water and nutrients to penetrate the lop layer and more effectively get to the root system. Power raking and aeration done annually, actually helps condition the soil by allowing some of the old naturally deteriorating grass to more effectively break down and create fresh soil, for a healthier lawn.
For those not familiar, an aerator is a machine that is a little larger than a lawn mower, that has cylindrical shaped tines that penetrate the soil and extracts plugs of old that and hardened soil. Again, the resulting holes in the soil allows the water and nutrients to get deep into the root system, resulting in a thriving lawn!

Power Raking & Lawn Aeration in Longmont